Huge Standard Tray Range – Including Pentangle 1400 x 900

We Still Offer the 1400 x 900 Neo Angle Shower Tray

Well known shower enclosure supplier Aqata has stopped offering the 1400 x 900 neo angle tray. However, they still have a shower enclosure which requires this sized tray and have been referring their customers to us who require this product. 

 We have had a fantastic relationship with Aqata enclosures for many years and are absolutely delighted that they continue to entrust their customers to us.

 “Many of our customers use Aqata shower enclosures and we very much recommend them as a company who offer high quality products. I am delighted that we have maintained such a good relationship with them over the years, and hold their products in high esteem. We are always happy to help their customers and look forward to doing so for many years to come”.

Debra Langley, Financial Director Versital UK

Versital is well known for manufacturing made to measure shower trays, but what is often lesser known, is that they offer a large range of standard sized shower trays that are suitable for most domestic consumer’s requirements.  Buy standard sized trays direct.

“Where we differ from other ‘standard’ shower tray products, is that although our trays have a large range of ‘Standard Sizes’, they are available in the entire range of colours in the Versital palette.  Customers can choose a designer looking product in a huge range of colours and finish, but without the designer price tag.  We also offer shower panels in the same range of finishes to complete the look”.

Gemma Stockberger, Marketing Manager Versital UK

Purchase stone resin shower trays from Versital direct, call us direct on 01204380780.