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Tiles vs Shower Panels

Tiles vs Panels: an In Depth Look at Your Choices

The choice between tiles and bathroom wall panels is not simple. The range of styles shapes and colours available can make the decision cumbersome to say the least. Here is a guide evaluating the pluses and minuses of both solutions, so you can concentrate on creating that ideal bathroom look.

Inexpensive Solution

Tiles can be a really cost-effective bathroom solution. The cheapest models might not be the most impressive, but they offer a decent look on a budget. They are mass produced allowing for the costs to be kept low, giving them a slight advantage over bespoke wall panels if you’re on a budget.  Price variety of tiles is incredible, some of the more expensive ones can reach hundreds of pounds per square meter as they can be made with inlaid gold, natural marble or even semi precious stones.

blue tiles inspiration from toppstiles.co.uk
blue tiles inspiration from toppstiles.co.uk


Intricate patterns can really bring shine to your bathroom, however they can also be hard to install and maintain. Due to their small size each tile has to be separately placed on the wall and levelled in order to achieve the perfect result.That can not only take your tiler a lot of time, but also cost you a lot of money. For areas like plug sockets, windows or doors it can also be really hard to create a unified, perfect finish, while installing the taps or shower heads can really cause problems due to how hard tiles are.

In comparison Versital wall panels can be cut with ordinary wood work tools allowing for the ease of usage. It is good to remember that many intricate patterns that you find online can also be really costly to accomplish.

Hexagonal Teal Tiles by mosaikhjornet.dk
Hexagonal Teal Tiles by mosaikhjornet.dk


One of the biggest problems with tiles is the necessary grouting. Because of its porous surface grouting allows for the collection of water, leading to discolouration or a very unpleasant and unhealthy mould. Using tiles in wet areas like showers or on vanity tops can bring you a lot of work in the future as each line will have to be often individually cleaned to maintain the look. The more intricate the pattern the harder it is to clean it as more grouting and smaller lines make the work cumbersome.

Turquoise Tiles and Vanity Top from Coveteur.com
Turquoise Tiles and Vanity Top from Coveteur.com

No Grout – No Mould

Versital bathroom wall panels eliminate the need for grouting as they are fixed on walls, floors or ceilings using sanitary grade silicone. Silicone is also used for sealing any joints or meeting points.

The panels do not allow for collection of water and eliminate the chance of mould growth. Grout can also crack or wear out over time creating problems like leaking showers. Versital wall and shower panels prevent that from happening as they maintain their properties and appearance for decades. If you are interested in eliminating the need to constantly scrub and bleach your grout contact our team of experts or visit our flagship showroom to find the perfect solution for your bathroom.

Marble bathroom with Versital metallic marble

Consider The Usage

Consider using a mixture of panels and tiles to achieve the result that you want. Using panels in areas of high use like vanity tops, splash backs or showers can save you work in the future. Tiles work well in areas where you are less likely to have splashing like over the bath, behind toilet or to create shelving.

Large granite walk in wetroom style shower. Features seat and top mounted basin. Surfaces in Versital Sandstone

Variety of Tiles

Tiles have been available for hundreds of years, meaning that today you can get almost any tile you can imagine in terms of size, colour and material. Square and triangle, glass and marble, large and small – tiles truly come in all shapes and sizes making them an interesting choice. However also due to the variety of shapes you need a skilled tiller in order to get a really even surface. In a bathroom it’s really important as water can collect on an uneven panel and trigger growth of mould.

bathroom vanities in glouchester with an undermounted sink

Ease of Installing

Versital panels are available in very large sizes, up to 3 meter’s long, making the installation much easier and straight forward than the tile alternative. Our panels help installers save time by having ready to install panel sizes, and also by the ease of cutting to suit. Unlike tiles Versital panels can be cut with ordinary woodwork tools getting rid of the need for specialised masonry and tile cutting equipment.

bathroom wall panels in coffee and creme marble finish

All of our bathroom wall panels are fully bespoke and made to measure. Therefore you can use them to fit precisely for a required area, including curves and odd shaped spaces.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Due to the lack of grouting Versital bathroom wall panels are much easier to maintain. Wiping them with a cloth and non-abrasive detergent makes them look just like new. Unlike tiles and other wall panel bathroom products Versital uses protective gel coat ensuring the product staying clean and hygienic.

Bathroom wall panels in granite finish with sparkly shelf

Our gel coat is cast onto every product and guarantees its longevity, as well as its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties silently protecting your family for years to come. In order to discuss all the advantages of our product contact our experts or visit our flagship showroom.

Fully Waterproof

When creating a shower enclosure or a wet room waterproofing is an important factor. Your bathroom has to stay leak proof to protect the rest of your house from damp walls or ceilings. Our bathroom wall panels ensure fully waterproof areas without the need for tanking or other extensive procedures.

Shower with bespoke shower tray and panels in Sandstone

We recommend our products to be installed using sanitary grade silicone to prevent any such problems. After nearly 40 years of supplying Versital panels, feedback from customers show they are extremely satisfied, even 15 or 20 years after installation.


Bathroom surfaces are really heavily used and therefore need to be kept clean and hygienic. Versital bathroom wall panels guarantee an antibacterial and antimicrobial properties due to its fully non-porous structure and protective gel coat.

Versital panels do not catch dirt, preventing harbouring mould and bacteria on the surface. Unlike tiles which are surrounded by grouting, providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, Versital shower panels ensure your comfort and safety.  Call our experts or visit our flagship showroom to discuss all the great properties of our bathroom wall panels.


Versital wall and shower panels offer a range of styles that can suit modern or traditional bathrooms. Unlike many other wall panels Versital offers a range of true to life marble and granite finishes, allowing for the freedom of imagination and design. Versital bathroom wall panels can also be manufactured with metallic marble veins, sparkly reflective surface or to any standard Ral colour.

Cream granite vanity top in _Almond_ granite look finish from Versital

Fully Bespoke

All of Versital bathroom panels are fully bespoke and manufactured to specific order. That allows us to provide each customer with personalised service as well as an award-winning product. With Versital wall panels you can create a bathroom to your exact specification directly matching your dream and project. To discuss your options and requirements please contact us or visit our flagship showroom.

Range of Colours

Versital colour range includes over 90 different finishes. Our famous ‘Arabesque’ or ‘Carrata’ are man made alternatives to real marble that do not carry the negative properties of such material like staining. We also offer a broad range of granite or metallic finishes for more modern interiors.

Granite style bathroom wall panel

Browse through the options on our website and order free samples to see the product in person. Alternatively you can browse through our clients and previous projects or contact our team of experts to discuss our colour range to find the right product for you or visit our flagship showroom for specialist advice.

For more information on our range of bathroom products, take a look at our full range.  If you would like advice, samples or wish to place an order for a vanity topsshower panels or shower trays, please call us on 01204380780, or email us at sales@versital.co.uk.