Metal Banded Table Tops

Following popular demand and the recent trend for metal accents and finishes, Versital is now delighted to offer solid surfaces with a decorative metal edge banding via our partner Creative Coatings. Our metal banding is available as an option for table tops, adding a touch of luxury to any interior.

A fantastic addition for hospitality designs, bars, restaurants hotels and other public areas.  Our liquid metal banding offers a range of advantages over the traditional options on the market, providing a more hygienic and aesthetic solution and being extremely cost effective compared to traditional solutions.

Colour Options

Versital metal banding comes in four colour variations:

  • Brass
  • Dark Bronze
  • Copper 
  • Gunsmoke (pewter)

For more advice on your project and a personalised quotation contact our team of experts and discuss your possibilities. 

Metal Banded Table Tops

Metal banded table tops offer a perfect solution for restaurants and cafes. All our table tops and colour options are fully water and stain proof, while the metal banding adds a touch of luxury and glamour. Using metal banding in combination with our cultured marble can create a show-stopping piece for a modern decor.

Norvein metal banded table top

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Features & Benefits

Easy to Care For And Stain Resistant

All surfaces are extremely hygienic, have no-where to catch dirt, do not water-mark and are extremely stain resistant. No harsh chemicals are needed to keep it looking as good as new. A simple wipe down with a gentle cleanser will suffice.

True to Life Marble And Granite Finish Options

Versital gives the option of true to life marble and granite look bar tops, whilst remaining completely non-porous and stain resistant unlike the natural material. Design and install with the look you want, without the problems.

Choose Your Table Tops

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Lifetime Value For Money

When specifying a new installation, it is important to choose a product that is great value for money now, and over its lifetime. Versital products stand the test of time and will look fantastic for many years to come. The beauty of a solid surface tabletop from Versital is that they can be re-polished and refurbished numerous times after installation, extending the lifespan of your initial investment. No specialist equipment is required, and we can advise you how to do this yourself. Bar tops are hard working areas and you will want to keep them looking their best. With Versital bar tops, you can.

Specifications & FAQ

Table Top Price Application

Please contact us for details of table top prices. The price varies according to the finish, size and volume of order. We offer a range of popular standard size options, as well as custom sizes upon request.

Table Top Size Options

You can view the range of popular size options. Simply click the link below to reveal the full range.

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For a quotation on any of these sizes, or a bespoke table top option please call us on 01204 380780, or send a contact form.